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Got a question about Mortgage Loan?Write to us
Bank account
Got a question about Mortgage Loan?Write to us
Got a question about Mortgage Loan?Write to us
Got a question about Mortgage Loan?Write to us
Bank account
Got a question about Mortgage Loan?Write to us
Got a question about Mortgage Loan?Write to us

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Do you want to know the conditions of acceptance for obtaining a personal loan? «Eirl Agence Kalimera» answers all your questions.

Before granting you a personal loan, credit organizations check that you meet their conditions of acceptance. The most common condition of acceptance concerns your repayment capacities. To do this, you must demonstrate with the help of various documents and supporting documents that you have the repayment capacity necessary to settle your monthly payments calmly.

Disposable income.

The first step is to calculate your disposable income: salaries, pensions, rental income, dividends from your company, compensatory allowance, unemployment benefits, allowances,etc.

You can thus meet the conditions for acceptance, even if you are a self-employed person or looking for a job. Generally, the credit institution asks for more supporting documents to verify that your repayment capacities will be stable in the long term.

Your personal expenses.

Secondly, your expenses are deducted from your disposable income in order to obtain your monthly repayment capacities. These capacities must be sufficient to pay the monthly payments of your personal loan while allowing you to face the expenses and small unforeseen events of daily life.

As «charges», account is thus taken of your rent or monthly mortgage payments, your energy charges (EDF, etc.), taxes, alimony, etc. To calculate them, your personal situation is also taken into account: family status, number of children, quality of owner or tenant, etc.

Once this data has been reconciled, the credit organizations will know your repayment capacities with precision and will be able to assess whether or not your file corresponds to their conditions of acceptance.

You can borrow money within our community by making a simple and easy request.

Our team is in charge of advising you in order to find the solution best suited to your request so that you can take advantage of your loan.

Any loan contracted with Eirl Agence Kalimera is reimbursed monthly after expiry of the grace period granted according to the amount requested.
You would be assigned a manager (a loan officer) for further assistance.

The repayment period is between 06 months and 360 months, i.e. a maximum duration of 30 years.

A repurchase of credit must relate to at least 1 loan (personal, car, real estate, renewable, …) in the course of refunding.
Thus it is possible to buy back a loan during repayment.

After applying for a loan, and collecting customer information, it is possible for the customer to change their status before the funds are transferred to their bank account.
Once the customer receives the funds in his account, the latter will not be able to change information, except by written request addressed to the executive board.

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