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Want to become a loan officer?
Are you interested in credit?
Do you want to become one of our agents in the field of finance without a diploma required?

The daily role of the loan officer
Credit experts typically work at chartered banks, credit unions, or various other financial institutions. They are the ones who examine credit and loan applications submitted by individuals or businesses.

To assess a loan application, officers meet with applicants and thoroughly analyze the applicant’s financial situation and credit history.
Of course, it is also their duty to ensure that the applicant is solvent.

It is unfortunate, but it can happen that for certain reasons, a personal loan is refused to the person who requests it.
The credit manager, agency or branch makes this decision. To justify his choice, he will cite the study of the file presented by his subordinates.

The loan officer can also advise his manager and help him through the process leading to his final decision. In some cases, he can even personally approve or deny loan applications.

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